Our Team

Gene McNaughton

Founder & Creator: Ultimate Sales Mastery System

Gene McNaughton is one of the Nation’s most effective Business Growth Experts of his time.

Gene’s 25-year experience includes spending over a decade at Gateway Computers. While serving multiple sales leadership and training roles at Gateway, Gene helped Gateway go from a small obsolete company to an $11 billion International powerhouse. He was widely known for having helped create “one of the most successful sales forces in history”.
While serving multiple leadership roles at Gateway, Gene worked up the ranks to becoming the leader of Gateway’s first Major Account Sales Training program. With his implementation, Gene initiated the first Coaching Program toward reinforcing sales influence techniques and created the Gateway Solutions Team, which focused on specialization through key strategic sales trainings. Gene was responsible for billions of dollars in revenue while serving at Gateway. Known for his sharp “7-Steps of Selling” presentation, he has developed these ideas into a direct strategy that can help any organization break through to record breaking results.

Gene’s success at Gateway lead him to become the dynamic leader of Tony Robbins’ Global Sales force – where under his leadership, every team broke sales records that spanned over 29 years. While with Robbins Research International, Gene’s charisma and speaking skills won him the privilege of becoming one of the few opening speakers to Tony Robbins’ cornerstone event, “Unleash the Power Within.” Gene’s powerful and energetic presentations are revered by tens of thousands of people, as he is able to cut through and simplify the steps of influence.

Now, as the President of the Elite Consulting Division at Chet Holmes International, Gene has helped to implement powerful business strategies that have proven to double, even triple sales for his clients and break long-standing sales records. With his extensive sales leadership and management background, Gene McNaughton has not only created a path for new sales techniques and expert methods of influence, he challenges his audiences to travel that path with him, confidently.

Gene wakes his crowd with a presentation of fierce honesty and striking proof that there are specific strategies that you can implement to effectively persuade prospects, your salesforce, and your client-base.

Gene has a proven track record of breaking records everywhere he goes – and he uses a consistent bullet proof process that makes learning, selling, and business growth fun and sustainable for the long term.

Trisha Allmon

Co-Founder of USMS, Senior Executive Strategist

Trisha Ahlman has brought 25 years of business experience to USMS. She is a leading pioneer in integrating and reengineering management, marketing and sales systems that has led to client increases in revenue ranging from 40% to more than 200%. Trisha has worked with companies such as ExxonMobil, Halliburton, BP and other leading organizations to transform their go-to-market and sales strategies. Using her proven techniques has helped numerous businesses thrive and make their competition irrelevant by optimizing sales and marketing models to create best-in-class programs that offer sustainable long-term success.


LaCosta Lolly

Co-Founder of USMS, Senior Executive Strategist

LaCosta Lolly’s expertise in processes, systems, transparency, and data analysis coupled with her years of management, operations, marketing, and public relations experience have produced substantial results for clients in more than 23 countries and an array of industries. In addition to success with social and inbound marketing, venture capital, operational excellence, and revenue generation models; she has improved change management compliance in client organizations by up to 90%. Her teachings and trainings help organizations create processes and systems that will systematically generate predictable results for years to come.


Megan Jones

Director of VT Client Services

Megan Jones serves as the main point of contact for all of our client’s needs. Her attention to detail, passion for excellence, and ever expanding knowledge of the Ultimate Sales Mastery System has helped produce a more streamlined client services process which has made her an essential part of the USMS team.


Brett Bachman

Director of Operations

Brett Bachman’s experience in intranet and networking systems, public relations, and operations are critical to the smooth and seamless processes that make our client experience enjoyable during the extensive onboarding process.