Companies who have full commitment to increasing revenue and profits. This is a sales mastery course, personally designed by world-renowned sales growth expert, Gene McNaughton. The building of the content that your team will be trained on has been in the making for over 20 years. Gene has trained this content LIVE in over 14 different countries, and in front of more than 20,000 professionals from hundreds of companies world-wide.

This system is priced to enable your COMPANY to train all their employees for one full year with multiple user logins included. There is no separate plan for a sole user. Our pricing is set up specifically for the size of your company and is a FRACTION of the cost of a full-time sales trainer, or even in bringing in a hired sales expert for the day. And according to a recent research study, it takes three times longer to get a sales person closing deals without training. Considering the alternative, the system pays for itself in no time. Last but not least, this system, when you use it, will create LASTING change.

While we cannot guarantee results, studies prove that interactive training increases retention and learning by 60%. What we see with our clients is that they get out of the system what they put into it just like with anything. Our most successful clients use this as a supplemental tool to weekly coaching and accountability with a sales manager or coach. Using this system in tandem with multiple sales management strategies has proven to be highly effective in increasing closing ratios, reducing sales cycles and improving overall sales performance. Ask to speak to a coach to understand how this works.

The system includes 8 Courses with over 90 Chapters of amazing content. And, we know that today’s learners want highly impactful but short lessons. Who has the time to sit through an hour long training video? Knowing that we live in a world with short attention spans, lessons range from as short as 3 minutes to as long as 9 minutes depending on the subject matter. This is the perfect solution for those sales managers who don’t like to take their team out of sales for too long but know that training is vital to the growth of the organization.

At this time, there is no separate plan for a sole user. Our system is extremely affordable for teams of 5 to over 500 or even more. Contact a specialist to learn more.

No, the certification process keeps track of your progress in order to certify the single user.

That’s a great question and one that many of our clients ask. The answer is…absolutely! Larger customers have the option to customize or include parts of their own training for additional costs. Please contact us to learn more.

Sorry, that’s not an option. Your success is my #1 concern. This isn’t a see it once and it’s learned which is why it requires a one-year commitment with no refunds. The USMS system is revolutionary because not only can you train, track and measure, each user can refer to the lessons over and over until they master it. That takes time and as new employees are added, the USMS selling system will become the most important tool you will use to train and re-train your team. Remember, having a process and repeating it over and over again is where MASTERY lives. And in the world of sales, mastery equals more profit from the same activities you are doing today.

Absolutely. Not only are we experts at sales mastery but we also have a team of elite consultants that have helped many businesses just like yours plan, develop and implement mastery training systems. Please contact us to learn more about our exciting breakthrough consulting services.

You can watch and review the videos as many times as you like while you are a paying member. The videos can be streamed on-demand wherever you have Internet access. This even includes your IPad or Smartphone. The videos are not downloadable due to copy protection and piracy issues.

Yes, visit the pricing button above or take a tour and start with one of our trial offers today.

Yes, this is a living system and will continue to grow with new content that will provide different areas of training that are applicable across many industries

While things can always happen, we have a 99% reliability record. If you experience a glitch or problem, please contact customer support.

Glad you asked, of course. Many clients find the initial kickoff with a personal appearance by Gene McNaughton is a great introduction to the The Ultimate Sales Mastery System and use it to ingrain a new selling culture and get their team EXCITED to create sales mastery in their careers.

Yes, by simply clicking the CC (close caption) button and selecting your language, this training is available in virtually any language making this truly a world-wide sales training program.

They can use the Lightpad button to ask a question and get the needed answers.